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Resources and Reflections by Azariah Liron

Formal Education

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Emporia State University

Passionate about learning, Ari has obtained a Master's Degree in Library Science along with a B.S. in both Information Resource Studies and Crime & Delinquency Studies from Emporia State University. Artifacts from those programs can be found in the following buttons.

Information Resources Studies is an interdisciplinary program which teaches the value of information to society, to organizations, and to individuals. Graduates are prepared to apply information technology in a wide-variety of professional settings.

IRS Core Curriculum Select Interdisciplinary Courses
IR 301 Intro to Information Resource Studies CS 260 Programming with C++
IR 302 Information Use in Today's Society SP 312 Theories of Communication
IR 410 Intro to Information Sources and Services MG 342 Principles of Management
IR 470 Practicum in IRS PY 343 Cognitive Psychology
SO 450 Research Methods I SO 550 Research Methods II

Crime & Delinquency studies provides students with a holistic view of crime and delinquency in society and the criminal justice system. Graduates have learned how to use their skills in research and evaluation to examine social issues associated with crime.

CDS Core Curriculum
SO 303 Social Deviance SO 353 Criminology
SO 310 Law Enforcement SO 403 Sociology of Corrections
SO 315 Criminal Investigation SO 473 Internship in Crime & Delinquency Studies
SO 340 Community Corrections SO 510 Theories of Crime and Delinquency Capstone
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Universidad de Murcia

This was a semester long Spanish language immersion study abroad program in Murcia, Spain. My focus at this time was to explore the Spanish language, culture, and history. During this period I also obtained the necessary life-skills to thrive in a place that was very different from my home.

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Highland Community College

With HCC I pursued collegiate level general education courses while still attending Manhattan High School.

Informal Education

About Informal Education

Informal Education encompasses what we learn through our interactions with one another, what we read, and how we explore the world around us. My formal training as an information professional was largely shapped by a desire to refine and expand the informal information seeking techniques that already defined how I approached a lack of knowledge. Tricky to explain, and impossible to quantify, informal education strengthens and builds on the formal and experiential education that I have recieved.

Conferences and Workshops

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by speakers, workshops, and conferences in a wide variety of fields. At a conservative estimate I've attended over a hundred workshops since 2011 and earned certifications in everything from emergency management to spiritual formation. I've participated in a breadth of convsersations that include religious work, law enforcment, anti-racism and diversity training, writer's workshops, LGBTQIA conferences, child abuse prevention, trauma response, camp safety, and community building. In addition to what I always learn when I present, I am constantly growing from the conversations in the workshops I attend and the hallway conversations that build on the formal material.

Stone Soup

Stone Soup is an information sharing and resource building community based in the 5 College area of Western Massachusetts. This collective is a collaborative gathering of individuals who form a safe space to have authentic conversations, broaden perspectives and connect across assorted walks of life. Gatherings are facilitated by different leaders each week, with a hope of introducing new methods of communicating and exploring ideas, values, and tools to create a soceity we want to live in.


A life-long bibliophile, Ari is constantly seeking out new things to read that will challenge their beliefs, increase their tool-kit for community building, or enrich their imagination and thus preserve their hope of what this world could be.

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