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Resources and Reflections by Ari Leigh

Social Service

White house on a blue background with the text 'Safe Passage'

Safe Passage

Position: Hotline Worker

Answer hotline calls by providing validation, emotional support, crisis intervention, and information about additional resources
Assist individuals experiencing interpersonal violence with accessing the resources needed to change their situation
Participate in screening applicants for the Safe Passage Shelter
Provide examples and participate in the training of volunteer hotline workers
A blue shield with a white X through the center, the logo of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

Position: Loaves & Fishes Soup Kitchen Coordinator

Plan meals for 30-50 patrons
Recruit and train volunteers
Ensure food safety and cleanliness requirements were maintained
Write, distribute, and report on a survey about the impact of this program
A blue bowl beneath a blue spoon holding a red outline of a heart on a yellow background

New Haven Community Soup Kitchen

Position: Service Corps Member

Participate in the daily operation of the soup kitchen by serving meals
Assist in the development and implementation of a survey to learn how many new guests were coming in each month
Learn about the intersections of race, poverty, and criminality by listening to volunteers and community members
Engage in various fund raising activities
'Emporia State' in white text on black above 'university' in black text on gold

Emporia State University: Ethnic and Gender Studies Office

Position: Graduate Assistant

Promotion of Ethnic & Gender Studies Programming
Maintain contact with Ethnic & Gender Studies students
Develop events to promote dialogue on topics relating to Ethnic & Gender Studies
Facilitate workshops and conversations
A blue human with arms upraised that are joined by a red line to form a heart and the text 'CASA'

Services Offering Support: Emporia, KS

Position: Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)

Advocate for child's best interest
Investigate child's situation using interviews, visits and reviewing professional reports
Report findings to the 5th Judicial District Court
Work with families, support services and the court to help children reach a safe forever home
White walls with windows that look over a metal table common area in the Douglas County Jail

Douglas County Jail & El Dorado Correctional Facility

Position: Correctional Facility Library Practicum

The world of corrections provided a unique proving ground for the information skills developed as an ESU Undergraduate. During this experience I worked at El Dorado Correctional Facility, deleting records for lost items at a prison, and observing library function in a Medium-Maximum Security State Prison. At the Douglas County Jail I selected items and weeded the collection, supervised those who were incarcerated while teaching them a work skill as they joined me in cataloging the items I had acquired and participated in workshops held in the library. During the interum period between these two sites I completed a series of ride-alongs with local law enforcement agencies to further explore the criminal justice system as a whole.

The experiences I gained from working as a librarian in a corrections environment are documented in a powerpoint and it's corresponding outline.

Patch from the Emporia Police Department

Emporia Police Department

Position: Intern

Combining ride-alongs, training and the compilation of the annual report the semester long internship provided an in-depth look at the functions, duties and culture of law enforcement offices in Kansas. During this period I completed over 130 hours of ride-alongs with the officers, observing all three shifts. We worked accidents, comforted the frightened, spoke to children, participated in pursuits and made arrests. I also had the opportunity to participate in an Active Shooter Training activity. My training in information was adapted to compile the Emporia Police Department annual report. This involved gathering all the separate reports, using raw statistics to create the graphs and submitting it to the chief's office. Additionally I participated in several training sessions about topics pertaining to police work taught by the officers including:

DUI and Standardized Field Sobriety Tests Crime Scene Photography, Evidence Collection and Preservation
Fingerprinting Polygraph
Crime Scene Investigation Special Response Team Training
Dispatch procedures Traffic Procedures
The word Boost! in red letters of increasing size with blue figures of children bouncing on them.


Position: Intern

Facilitate partnerships between community non-profit organizations and High School in the Community
Link parents and students to necessary resources for academci success
Conduct research on school climate
Publicize school and community events