On Servants' Wings
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Resources and Reflections by Azariah Liron

Information & Technology

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Data Organization

Safe Passage

  • Consulted on data procedures relating to outcome measurement.
  • Participated in designing a survey to gauge the effects of each individual visit and translating that document into Spanish.
  • Administered surveys, coded survey results, and presented a report based on the obtained data.
  • Assisted with training staff on how to implement the MOVERS survey.
  • Proofread and revised print resources to ensure they reflected the organizations values.
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Web Design


  • Developed their personal website onservantswings.com using HTML, Boostrap 4, SCSS, & Handlebars.
  • Consulted with UCF Amherst to design a website that would be easy to edit & add contact to later.
  • Provided detailed feedback to Christ Church New Haven about ways that they could make their website more accessible.
  • Served as the Web Minister for the Shire of Spinning Winds in the Society for Creative Anachronism.
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Technical Services

William Allen White Library Center for Great Plains Studies

  • Added state & federal government documents to the collection.
  • Verified authority records.
  • Cataloged materials using both copy & original cataloging.
  • Collaborated on the integration of the Great Plains Center collection to the William Allen White Library for greater student accessibility.
  • Developed an organization system for the print images in F.M. Steele Photo collection & cataloged microfilm.
  • Trained a practicum student on cataloging software and procedures.

Reference Assistant

William Allen White Library

  • Promoted a welcoming environment at the reference desk.
  • Answered basic reference questions.
  • Assisted students with technical difficulties.
  • Familiarized self with library resources in all media forms.
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Data Entry Assistant

Flint Hills Genealogy Society

  • Renamed photos of gravestones to match the name in the images.
  • Created hyperlinks to the online storage of the images.
  • Updated and/or created spreadsheets containing the information on the headstones.
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Library Consultant

Self Employed

  • Used Open Biblio to create a catalog for the library at Christ Church New Haven & developed a manual so that a non-librarian could maintain the collection after my service year ended.
  • Developed a spreadsheet based cataloging system to make the resources gathered by the student organization ESU P.R.I.D.E. accessible.
  • As part of LI 870 practicum, developed a spreadsheet based system for organizing the metadata for photos of events at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church.
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Administrative Assistant

Christ Church New Haven

  • Evaluated the church website and participate in discussions around what steps needed to be undertaken to update it.
  • Designed, implemented, and maintained a digital file system for organizing sermons.
  • Developed church library cataloging procedures, write library manual and train volunteers on it's use.
  • Assisted with reorganization and cleaning efforts in the parish office.
An anthrpomorphized old-school computer with an umbrella, a medical kit, and a hat. The screen displays the letters LG

Technical Assistant

Lair Gauche Computer Repair

  • Diagnosed computer malfunctions.
  • Reloaded Windows operating systems.
  • Installed security software.
  • Replaced damaged hardware in laptops and desktops.
White walls with windows that look over a metal table common area in the Douglas County Jail

Correctional Facility Library Practicum

Douglas County Jail, El Dorado Correctional Facility

  • Deleted records for lost items, and assisted with the acquisition & search of donated materials.
  • Supervised & ran a workshop on cataloging for inmates at the Douglas county jail.
  • Observed library function in a penal setting.
  • Experiences documented for ESU in a powerpoint and it's corresponding outline.

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