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Resources and Reflections by Ari Leigh

Youth Work

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Workshop Facilitation

Over the past six years I've had the delightful opportunity to develop and present workshops for teens and young adults. An overview of that work can be found here.

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Swim Instructor

Ensure student safety
Teach pre-school aged children how to swim
Create lesson plans for ten classes each week
Teach aquatic safety skills
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Camp Outright

Position: Counselor, Lifeguard

Ensure campers safety
Guide discussions Responsibilities leadership and social justice
Facilitate identity caucuses
Promote creative self-expression
Model healthy self-care practices
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Camp Aranu'tiq

Position: Camp Counselor, Head Lifeguard

Supervise campers in cabin and various activities
Maintain waterfront safety and lead aquatics activities
Facilitate identity intersection leadership activity
Assist campers in developing a leadership project for their home communities
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Position: Camp Counselor, Lay Chaplain

Supervise campers in various activities including high & low ropes, archery, hiking, and arts & crafts
Lead faith-based reflections that engaged youth from 6-16 years old
Teach outdoor skills and crafts
Serve as a lifeguard for swimming at the pool and canoeing at the lake front
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Services Offering Support: Emporia, KS

Position: Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)

Advocate for child's best interest
Investigate child's situation using interviews, visits and reviewing professional reports
Report findings to the 5th Judicial District Court
Work with families, support services and the court to help children reach a safe forever home
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Position: Intern

Facilitate partnerships between community non-profit organizations and High School in the Community
Link parents and students to necessary resources for academic success
Conduct research on school climate
Publicize school and community events