On Servants' Wings
A gynandromorph butterfly with the transgender pride flag for the front wing and the rainbow pride flag on the rear wing On Servants Wings
Resources and Reflections by Azariah Liron

Workshop Norms

Take Care of Yourself Participants are invited and encouraged to engage in healthy self-care practices. If you need to move around, fidget, stim, sit on the floor, stand, or step out for a moment, please do so.
Everyone is the Expert of their Own Experiences Because of this norm we listen to and validate the experiences of those around us, even when we do not yet understand them.
Speak from the "I"

Because we are each the expert of our own experiences, we cannot speak for people who are not us. When sharing an opinion, an experience, or a feeling, please own the perspective that it comes from. When a viewpoint comes from a larger collective, be sure to cite the source.

I Perspective "I have experienced suicidal ideation due to discrimination based on my gender"
Source Perspective "According to the U.S. Trans Survey, 40% of the trans people they surveyed reported attempting suicide, which is nearly nine times the attemped suicide rate in the U.S. population"
Speaking for Others (HURTFUL) "All trans people experience suicidality at some point"
Be Open to New Ideas As our conversation unfolds people may reference words or ideas that are unfamiliar to you. We encourage participants to to ask questions and to explore new concepts and ideas.
Honor the Time We Have Each workshop has a limited amount of time, and we would like to prioritize ideas that might not have another outlet. Thus if during a workshop you find that your view is one that is echoed throughout mainstream media or is easy to find, we would invite you to step back, and listen to other less acknowledged views. Similarly, if your idea is unique, or is under-represented in our society, you are invited to step up and share as you are comfortable doing so, because we truly do want to hear from you.
Respect Confidentiality During these workshops people frequently share ideas, identities, and experiences that they are not comfortable with being general knowledge. Thus for all of my workshops I ask that the stories remain, while the lessons we learn from them are carried back to our other communities.

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