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Resources and Reflections by Ari Leigh

Becoming Jewish

As the year 5779 (Sept 2019 - Sept 2020) began I felt a longing to reopen my spiritual life. Knowing that my experiences with Christianity can best be likened to an abusive relationship, and inspired by my Facebook friends posts about Rosh Hashanah I began a journey into Judaism. I was honored with an invitation by a friend to celebrate Yom Kippur with them at Nishamat Shoom. This experience was eye-opening and transformative, and left me with a hunger to learn more. Over the past few months I've been exploring Jewish community and what relationship I would like to have with Judaism going forward. I've found an amazing local place for worship & studying with Beth El Temple Center. This page is currently a place holder for the notes, reflections, and questions that I plan to wrestle with as I continue this journey. All opinions, thoughts, and questions are my own and are not meant to be reflective of the communities which inspired them.

My (Digital) Jewish Bookshelf

A collection of communities & resources that I've connected with on this journey.