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Resources and Reflections by Azariah Liron

Master's of Library Science

Professional Outcome 6: Research

Artifact Name: LI 810 Quantitative Content Analysis of Information-Seeking Behavior in Movies 1950-2010: A Research Design

Values: Mentorship

Research is a critical part of the development of any field. This is as true for library science as it is for any of the other dynamic disciplines whose information we organize, store and share. In LI 810 we were provided with information on a host of research techniques, styles and concepts. This artifact demonstrates my ability to apply those ideas to the practical design of a research project. The content analysis project demonstrates a firm understanding of the difference between quantitative and qualitative research, ability to draw an effective sample and apply prior research on the topic to the current study.

Additionally a coding sheet is included in the report to demonstrate an ability to use common software to collect the results of the research project. The research design is complete, and could easily be completed with sufficient time to watch the films mentioned. Mentorship reaches beyond the one on one relationship which is usually visualized when the term is used. At a simple level all research is mentorship as the recorded results provide a foundation from which the next generation of information professionals and researchers can begin their work. In this artifact the literature review demonstrates an ability to be mentored and the research design an ability to gather information for the coming generations.

Artifact Name: LI 855 Collection Development for Diverse Populations

Values: Service

While my primary interest in library science was the people, specifically the challenge of matching someone with the specific piece of information they need, an understanding of how collections are formed is critical to working in a library setting. This artifact, a research paper from LI 855 Collection Development demonstrates my ability to consider the needs of a community and consider how those needs can be met with material and programing ideas. The topic presented, diversity , is by its nature extremely broad. By addressing the main concerns of the most visible diverse communities this artifact demonstrates an ability to research the current literature to understand a communities needs and design resources that will meet those needs.

Service is a key component of any collection. While working in Technical Services at ESU's William Allen White Library we completed customer service training which reminded us that even those who work "behind the scenes" are active parts of a service organization. Those behind the scenes services form the structure which enables all other services to be provided. A final note on the values displayed in this artifact is my concern for diverse populations, especially those who might be overlooked in collection development. This reflects my strong personal commitment to ensuring that everyone is given the respect they deserve, and to seeking out those individuals who have been given reason to doubt their personhood due to societal bias.

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