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Resources and Reflections by Azariah Liron

Master's of Library Science

Professional Outcome 3: Organization of Recorded Knowledge and Information

Artifact Name: LI 814 Catalog Critique-- Emporia Public Library

Values: Service, Mentorship

The first step in understanding how information is organized and used involves reflecting on how you as an individual seek and use information. This critique of the Emporia Public Libraries online public access catalog (OPAC) involved not only considering the strengths and faults of their system, but also taking careful notes of my own search process. As I thought about the challenges I encountered with their system I recieved insight into my own information search techniques, many of which I'd used unconsciously for years. This report demonstrates both my understanding of the Emporia Public Libraries OPAC and my comprehension and appreciation of my personal information seeking style.

By understanding my own methods of seeking information I am better prepared to share them with others. Mentorship of others in information seeking is a two-way street. I expect and welcome challenges to my methods and priorities. It is through understanding ourselves that we become prepared to guide others to the same self-actualization, a term borrowed from Maslow's Hierarchy of needs. This artifact demonstrates one aspect of my self-understanding, which is now one more piece I can share to the betterment of those around me. Additionally this report demonstrates a commitment to the best service possible by showcasing my ability to evaluate current software, programs and services which is the first step to improving them. These evaluations always come back to the patrons, as it is the people we truly exist to serve.

Artifact Name: LI 862 Metadata Crosswalk: MARC to Dublin Core

Values: Service, Integrity

The organization of information goes far beyond understanding how to use an organization system. This crosswalk, a table which enables metadata (information about a resource) to be transferred from one organization scheme to another demonstrates my ability to apply my understanding of information to a practical exercise. By going from a more structured, detail heavy language like MARC to the more fluid and less detailed Dublin Core my ability to determine what information is critical to locating the resource is clearly displayed.

The "behind the scenes" service of metadata is extremely critical. It is these systems and information about the resources that make the information searches conducted by patrons and reference staff possible. Additionally there is integrity demonstrated in the completion of this crosswalk. While information loss was inevitable I took great pains to ensure that nothing was left out which might compromise or misrepresent the artifact that I was describing.

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