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Meeting Andrew/Amanda

Andrew/Amanda in a suite

Andrew Leigh-Bullard, born Amanda LeAnn is life-long student whose research pursuits have led zir to become an information professional. Zir specialty is teaching about non-binary gender identities as sie blends the experiences of being raised female, with those of coming out, first as a man and later as bigender. Professionally sie has excelled academically, demonstrating an aptitude for the tasks asked of librarians not only in the classroom but as a cataloger for the Great Plains Center. A driven individual he has continued to seek opportunities to apply what he has learned to helping those who need it most. Fascinated by the criminal justice system, and drawn to helping those trapped with-in it, he has completed an undergraduate practicum in corrections libraries and an internship with the Emporia Police Department. These accomplishments have only recently been placed in context. As an active part of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Andrew/Amanda has come to see God as the center of zir life and to explore how zir ministry experiences, both as peer minister and photo archivist for the St. Andrew's community, can become the foundation from which the professional techniques can be applied. As sie finishes zir MLS sie plans to take a year for reflection and future discernment with the Episcopal Service Corps at St. Hilda's House.

**Sie & Zir are gender neutral pronouns. The author uses male pronouns in face to face situations for the simplicity of the other parties, but is uncomfortable using them to describe zirself because of the way those terms erase zir non-binary identity.