On Servants' Wings
A gynandromorph butterfly with the transgender pride flag for the front wing and the rainbow pride flag on the rear wing On Servants Wings
Resources and Reflections by Azariah Liron

Rainbow's Light

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A Rainbow of colors

Unfurled in the night.

We honor our friends,

Who were not black or white.

They were our friends,

Their lives were bright.

Twas unkind words

That snuffed their light.

A silent struggle

Hidden from sight.

Words were said,

But none seemed right.

I looked around,

But no help could be found.

I was different,

And by that I was bound

A single flame

Now comes to light.

A memory now serves,

As a call to fight

We gather today

To write a new song.

We bring words of hope,

And invite you to sing along.

Context Note: This poem was written for a candlelight vigil in 2010, after ESU P.R.I.D.E. had recieved word of several LGBTQIA teen suicides.

Copyright © Azariah Liron 2020