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A Psalm of Gender

Dream of the Church: A Psalm of Gender from Andrew Leigh on Vimeo.


My name is Andrew, though I was given the name Amanda. I am 22 years old and a recent convert to the Episcopal Church living in Kansas.

Great is the Lord in all creation

Let us rejoice in the beauty of the world

In the beginning God formed light

Commanding its beam to shape night and day

Praise the Lord for the beginning

Praise God for the continuing work

Each morning a majestic tapestry is made

The Lord weaves rich colors to greet the day

In the night God again displays perfection

Wrapping the world in a glorious mural

This beauty is the same with God's people

Those the Lord set apart at creation

Humankind was formed in God's image

Male and female together they were made

Yet as with the light there is more to see

Humankind is not limited to these

Children are blessed with different forms

Displaying the colors and shapes of God's design

So many are they we lack words to describe them

Intersex, gynandromorph, cis, trans, black & white are but feeble attempts

Each reflects the majesty of the Lord

Proclaiming the glory of God's creation in their existence

Lord, save us from those who are yet blind

Who proclaim your love, while cursing your children

For in you male and female are no more

We are all one body, children of the Lord

Open the eyes of your church Lord

Grant us vision to see the beauty in all you have made

Let hate and fear belong to a past age

As man, woman, trans, cis and all others we come together in your name

Sing of the Lord's glory all you people!

Praise God for all of creation!

Context Note: This psalm and video were written for the Dreams of the Church project that was a part of the 2012 General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

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