A gynandromorph butterfly with the transgender pride flag for the front wing and the rainbow pride flag on the rear wing On Servants Wings
Resources and Reflections by Ari Leigh
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On Servants Wings

By Ari Leigh

A Kansan who settled in Massachusetts, Ari is an autistic, genderqueer, trans person with a complex (a)sexuality. An anachronistic polymath, they’ve served as a LGBTQIA educator, librarian, police intern, camp counselor, soup kitchen manager, and seminary drop-out, to name but a few of their roles. Currently they have taken on the responsibilities of a polyamorous-queer homemaker while doing trauma recovery work and continuing to explore, develop, and present on topics relating to gender, sexuality, and identity. Since 2011, they've presented over fifty workshops on LGBTQIA topics at events ranging from the local to the national level.