On Servants' Wings
A gynandromorph butterfly with the transgender pride flag for the front wing and the rainbow pride flag on the rear wing On Servants Wings
Resources and Reflections by Azariah Liron

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On Servants Wings

By Ari Leigh

Ari is an anachronistic polymath, whose drive to grow has led them to thrive in a variety of positions. A few of their many responsbilities invlude serving as an LGBTQIA+ educator, librarian, web developer, camp counselor, soup kitchen manager, and crafter. Throughout this whirlwind of experience they've continued to explore, develop, and present on topics relating to community and identity. Since 2011, they've presented over fifty workshops on LGBTQIA topics at events ranging from the local to the national level. Currently they are seeking to broaden their horizons and apply their vast skill sets in customer service, project management, information science, and social service to new opportunities.

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