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Resources and Reflections by Ari Leigh

Library and Information Technology

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Safe Passage

Position: Data Organization

Consult on data procedures relating to outcome measurment
Participate in designing a survey to gauge the effects of each individual visit
Translate the above survey into Spanish
Administer surveys, code suvey results, and present a report based on the obtained data
Assist with training staff on how to impliment the MOVERS survey
Proofread and revise print resources to ensure they reflected the organizations values
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Web Design

Position: Independant Contractor / Personal Development

Ari has been exploring web design for thirteen years, ever since a high school class introduced them to the power of the web. In those early days (2012-2013) they served as the web minister for the Shire of Spinning Winds in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Since those early explorations they have augmented that introduction with additional coursework and informal training to stay current with the changing practices of website development. Currently they prefer to code their current personal site with Bootstrap, although they have used other tools, such as Weebly, Squarespace, and Wix to facilitate easier updates by non-technical personel.

Web Design Examples Archival Artifacts: The following examples remain as a testament to skills developed during their creation and have not been kept current.
UCF Amherst A basic site in Weebly that was started through a contract with United Christian Foundation at Amherst College
Library Science Capstone The capstone website for my masters program developed using HTML & CSS
(---) to Male This early site was completed as a class project using HTML & CSS
A white stone building with text that reads William Allen White Library in large text and School of Library and Information Science in small text

William Allen White Library

Position: Technical Services, Reference Assistant

Add State and Federal Goverment Documents to our collection
Verify authority records
Answer basic reference questions
Assist with technical difficulties
A black circle with a golden stalk of wheat. The text Emporia State university is below the logo.

Emporia State University: Great Plains Center

Position: Student Assistant, Graduate Assistant

Coordinate with the William Allen White Library to gain access to input the Center for Great Plains Studies materials into the university library catalog
Catalog the Center for Great Plains Studies collection using both original and copy cataloging methods.
Develop an organization system for the print images in F.M. Steele Photo collection
Catalog periodical microfilm with historic information about the Great Plains
Train a practicum student on cataloging software and procedures
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Flint Hills Genealogy Society

Position: Computer Assistant

Re-name photos of gravestones to match the name in the images
Create hyperlinks to the online storage of the images
Update and/or create spreadsheets containing the information on the headstones
Tattered antique books resting on a wooden shelf

Small Library Development

Position: Librarian

I started working on small library development in response to the organizational needs of the communities I was a part of. This work began in college, with the collection gathered by E.S.U. P.R.I.D.E. Over several months I transformed their neglected collection of books, films, brochures, and periodicals into a functional library by using an Excel spreadsheet for the the catalog and petitioning the organization to develop circulation policies that would enable students to more readily access the materials.

Later, as an accredited librarian, while working as an Episcopal Service Corps member with Christ Church New Haven, CT, I discovered that their wealth of resources on Anglo-Catholic theology was sitting unsorted on shelves in the basement. Using the tools I had aquired at ESU I installed Open Biblio and created a cataglog for them, along with an instruction manual so that a non-librarian would be able to take over maintence of the collection at the end of my internship.

Black and white photo of the intricately sculpted alter and rerodos of Christ Church New Haven, CT.

Christ Church New Haven, CT

Position: Service Corp Member

Maintain parish library catalog after installing and adapting ObenBiblio to meet our local collection needs
Develop church library cataloging procedures, write library manual and train volunteers on it's use
Evaluate the church website and participate in discussions around what steps needed to be undertaken to update it
Deesign, implement, and maintain a digital file system for organizing sermons
Assist with reorganization and cleaning efforts in the parish office
A humanized antique computer with a floppy drive that is wearing a hat, carrying an umbrella and a medical kit, and has the letters LG on it's monitor

Lair Gauche Computer Repair

Position: Technical Assistant

Diagnose computer malfunctions
Reload Windows operating systems
Install security software
Replace damaged hardware in laptops and desktops
White walls with windows that look over a metal table common area in the Douglas County Jail

Douglas County Jail & El Dorado Correctional Facility

Position: Correctional Facility Library Practicum

The world of corrections provided a unique proving ground for the information skills developed as an ESU Undergraduate. During this experience I worked at El Dorado Correctional Facility, deleting records for lost items at a prison, and observing library function in a Medium-Maximum Security State Prison. At the Douglas County Jail I selected items and weeded the collection, supervised those who were incarcerated while teaching them a work skill as they joined me in cataloging the items I had acquired and participated in workshops held in the library. During the interum period between these two sites I completed a series of ride-alongs with local law enforcement agencies to further explore the criminal justice system as a whole.

The experiences I gained from working as a librarian in a corrections environment are documented in a powerpoint and it's corresponding outline.

An alter with a red and white frontal beneath three stained glass windows superimposed with a wooden crusifex all set in a white brick wall

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

Position: LI 870 Photo Archive Practium

This practicum was designed to demonstrate my proficiency in working in information while providing an opportunity to exploring working for a religious institution. My primary project was to create a spreadsheet where we could gather the metadata about the various pictures taken during St. Andrew's more than 140 year long history. Then I needed to input enough records to ensure the system was sustainable and write an instruction manual for the next user. To complete this project I worked with the congregation to provide the information needed for the spreadsheet. By displaying the images in the parish hall during coffee hour I found names flying into my office, and the details of our history coming together.

Obtained familiarity with the search patterns and information needs of religious institutions
Demonstrated the principles of information management by organizing a collection of information
Developed an instruction manual detailing the organization schema and technology tools used to ensure a non-librarian user will be able to maintain the system after the completion of the practicum